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HG-124: Bàn phím mở rộng không dây

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Sử dụng cho hệ thống báo động không dây HG-1500, HG-1000 và HG-2500


1. Allows arming and disarming the system wirelessly
2. Acts as a door sensor.
3. Separate password possible.
4.  Anti tamper switch that immediately sets off alarm when cover is opened
5. Low battery warning signal is displayed by the control panel

Power source: 9V DC alkaline battery
Power consumption: 7uA (idle) , 8mA (transmitting)
Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 2.3 cm.
Low battery detection: Main console LCD display with sound.
Password: Maximum 6 digits.
Additional feature 
Sensor type  Wireless transmitter.
System ID: Hopping code

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