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DC-9104Exd: Đầu báo lửa tử ngoại chịu lửa

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- Intelligent signal-processing and communication with integrated microprocessor.
- Intelligent algorithm ensures quick response with reduced false alarm.
- Three sensitivity levels.
- High sensitivity, reliable performance.
- Dust-proof, damp-proof and corrosion-proof.


- DC-9104Exd is a light-sensitive detector that detects fire by picking up the ultraviolet light from flaming material.
- It’s designed for areas where an open fire is liable to occur with large amount of radiation and no smoldering stage, or where quick response to a fire is required.
- This detector can be applicable to zone 1 and 2 of explosive areas.
- The detector is able to work either in addressable mode connecting with GST intelligent fire alarm control panel to transmit signal through detection loop or in non-addressable mode connecting to 24VDC
- power supply to transmit signal by outputting different resistance values.

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